Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Massage Techniques For Headaches

No one wants to feel a headache coming on. The next step from there is usually a full-blown case, and some of them can be bad enough to bring your entire day to a crashing halt.
There are several methods available to you for combating headaches. The first response to one is usually to take some over-the-counter medication, but that doesn't necessarily have to be your first line of offense. There are other natural ways of curing headaches such as using massages.
Massages For Headaches
There are a number of techniques that take advantage of the massage method for headaches. If you can't get your hands on any medication, or if you simply want to try alternatives to drugs, the basic massage technique can do a world of good:
· The basic massage technique involves gently pushing your fingers over your temples, and then moving your fingers in slow circles.
· This technique can distract you from the pain, while also improving your circulation, and releasing some of the tension that's causing your headache in the first place.
This is the basic technique for headache massage and is easy to implement, and you can use it in just about any situation you wish.
If you'd like to try something more advanced techniques for massaging a headache away, try some of these ideas out:
· Invest in some coconut or argan oil. The next time a headache starts to creep up on you, pour a little oil on your fingers, and give yourself a slow, steady scalp massage. You should start to feel better very quickly.
· If possible, put 2 tennis balls in a sock, lie on a flattened surface, put the sock of tennis balls on your occipital bone, and relax. This technique is particularly great with sinus headaches. Don't worry, if you feel some sinus pressure or minor ache at the beginning. This will go away quickly.
· If the situation allows for it, have someone give you a neck, scalp, and shoulders massage. This particular technique also has the benefit of having you relax, knowing that someone who cares about you is trying to help you feel better.
· Tenderly massaging the bridge of your nose can help substantially with sinus and migraine headaches.
· Treating the headache to a diligent massage at the acupressure point of each hand can help, too. This is where the thumb and index finger bones connect.
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