Tuesday, December 30, 2014

6 Easy Ways to Treat Your Damaged Hair

Have you been looking at your hair lately and thinking you should just cut it off and start all over? Well, put those scissors down! There are many effective ways of treating damaged hair. The following is a list of 6 things you can do to treat your damaged hair at home. You may choose to do some or all of them depending on your level of damage.
  1. Do a Protein Treatment Protein treatments will temporarily fill in the gaps of your hair cuticle to make it stronger. There are different levels of protein treatments ranging from hard-core proteins like Aphogee to milder protein treatments like ORS Hair Mayo. Whatever you choose, make sure that you read and follow the directions. Protein treatments can sometimes cause the hair to become hard. Therefore, you should always follow up your protein treatment with a moisturizing conditioner. You will need to do this protein treatment at least once a month for your damaged hair.
  2. Deep Condition with Heat Use a moisturizing conditioner that is made for damaged or dry hair weekly. Thoroughly apply it to your hair and cover with a plastic cap. Sit under a hair dryer for at least 20 minutes. Heat is an important element of deep conditioning and will help the conditioner penetrate your hair strands more effectively.
  3. Wash with Conditioner Only If you wash your hair more than once a week, try cleansing it with conditioner instead. Simply rinse your hair well, then slather it with conditioner. Massage your hair and scalp just as if it were shampoo. Detangle and rinse. Remember to alternate with shampoo to avoid build up. Hydrate Hair More Often The longer you go between washing your hair, the dryer it will become especially for curly, wavy, and kinky hair that is damaged. Try washing twice a week to hydrate your hair with water. Remember to seal in the moisture by applying a light oil.
  4. Get a Good Trim Getting your hair trimmed will immediately make a difference in your hair's appearance. It will also put you on the road for healthier hair. You do not have to trim off all of the damage at once. Just do a little at a time. Set a schedule of maybe every 8 weeks to have 1/2 inch trimmed until your hair is healthy.
  5. Limit Direct Heat I know this one is hard but it will yield the biggest results. If your hair is already damaged, applying more heat will just add to the damage. Instead, try roller setting your hair for a beautiful hair style with no direct heat.By
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