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The Definition, Causes, Symptoms and Types of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are basically a single or a group of swollen veins that are present in anus region. These vascular structures are also known as piles. Unpleasantness and pain of hemorrhoids vary from person to person. For some people it can be very much painful, depending on the type and grade of this problem. Hemorrhoids can sometimes go worse as well. The pain and weirdness totally depend upon the type and severity of hemorrhoids. Doctors suggest that this should be cured by time, before it gets even more painful.
Diet plays a great role for both causing and treatment of hemorrhoids. Different foods can prevent it in many people. For instance, doctors recommend that people should increase their intake of those foods that are rich in fiber, because fiber usually prevents human bodies from different diseases, especially hemorrhoids. People who eat junk and other food that is not rich with essential minerals that are must for body suffer from such problems. Internally this problem does not cause any kind of discomfort, but externally it can be very irritating. Though, sometimes both of them can cause many other complications as well. Different symptoms occur at the start of hemorrhoids. These symptoms include:
•Bleeding after passage of stool.
•A mucus type of discharge after passage of stool.
•Inflammation or swelling around the anus.
•A feeling that bowls are still full and they need to be emptied.
•Itching around the anus area.
•Pile moving down, outside the anus that needs to be pushed back after passing stool.
Moreover, there are different types of hemorrhoids. The most common types that occur is more than 40 percent people between the age of 20 to 50 are:
Internal Hemorrhoids:
These are the small veins that are usually swollen in the wall of anal canal. They can't be seen from outside but causes problem inside the body. Usually it does not hurt but if they get large inside, they cause pain and then its treatment becomes the only solution,
External Hemorrhoids:
This type of hemorrhoids causes irritation and blood clot is formed under the skin. It comes out of the skin with stool and is very painful. This is also known as clotted hemorrhoids.
Bleeding Hemorrhoids:
This causes severe pain inside the anal canal. It is very difficult to walk and sit for the people suffering from bleeding hemorrhoids. Bleeding comes out every time with stool in this type and if the bleeding does not stop, then it must be cured with the help of medical assistance.
Chronic Hemorrhoids:
These hemorrhoids have internal effects in a body of a person, but it develops outside around the rim of the anus. They are inflamed and the veins are bulging inside the rectum. This can be really painful if not treated on time.
Prolapse Hemorrhoids:
The condition when the organs i.e. uterus falls down of its position due to the weakness of the muscles. This can be very dangerous and may require surgery.
Thrombosed Hemorrhoids:
During thrombosis, blood clots are formed within the blood vessels that causes difficulty in flowing of blood through the circulatory system. This becomes severe sometimes and can cause unbearable pain that requires treatment at once.
Infected Hemorrhoids:
It causes swelling in the veins of lower rectum and also the anus, that causes irritation and pain. If the infection becomes severe, the pain can become unbearable and need medical treatment as soon as possible.
Inflamed Hemorrhoids:
It causes inflammation of the veins of the rectum inside the body. At first it do not irritate at all neither hurts, but later when the when are inflamed much more, then it can be very painful and then nothing can work except medical treatment.
These different types of hemorrhoids can be caused due to excessive pressure either on internal hemorrhoids veins or external hemorrhoids veins. It occurs hereditary in some people as well. Most of the times, no symptoms occur and hemorrhoids causes a lot of pain and if the pain becomes unbearable, then the hemorrhoids needs to get cured.
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