Thursday, October 2, 2014

Have Yellow Toenails From Fungus - Simple Toenail Fungus Cure

Are you tired of looking at your yellow toenails, thick toenails, black toenails or nail ridges.  I promise that you aren't alone, millions of Americans every year fight a pesky toenail fungus that won't seem to go away.  Like you they're tired of the embarrassment and frustration that comes along with a chronic toenail fungus infection.  Many are searching for a simple toenail fungus cure.  Well it's time for everyone with yellow toenails due to toe nail fungus to follow the old saying that "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
So first we will talk about preventing toenail fungus and then look at what to do if you've already developed a toenail fungus infection. Prevention should always be looked at as a first step because if you don't develop the fungus in the first place we don't have to worry about a cure.  Doctors say that the biggest culprit of toenail infections is moisture.  We have to start by controlling the amount of exposure are nails have to moist and humid environments.
This begins at home, make sure that if you're going to wearing closed toed shoes all day that you're using some sort of a meditated foot powder to control the moisture inside your shoes.  This is especially true of those who have a tendency to sweat more than most.  Another good tip is to wear some sort of foot protection if showering in public places.
Now for those of you who have already developed yellow toenails from a fungal infection, it's time to find a simple toenail fungus cure.  First off just like in prevention we have to control the amount of moisture around our toenails so in addition to using foot powder you should not only towel dry your nails after getting out of the shower but use a hair dryer to further hasten the drying process.  Controlling how long long your nails are wet is key.
As an additional step you can use baking soda to scrub your toenails to help whiten them during the treatment process.  Although the baking soda itself will not cure or get rid of the fungus it will help bleach the nail to give it a whiter appearance while you're treating.
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