Saturday, July 5, 2014

How to Remove Corns on Toes: Medical and Natural Ways

Generally, callus isn't a serious skin problem. It results from repeated friction and pressure on the skin which usually occur in the fingers and toes. People who used to walk and run all the time often have calluses on their feet. On the other hand, those who are into sculpting and carpentry tend to get callus on their hands particularly in the fingers.
There are many types of callus but the most common are the corns. A corn, scientifically termed as plural clavi, is a round-shaped callus that protrudes on the skin. Corns consist of dead skin cells that are usually found on toes and fingers. Unlike ordinary callus, corns can get irritated when pressed for a long time. Constant rubbing and pressure on corns may lead to infection as well. A person having corns on toes is likely to experience aggravating pain when walking and wearing closed shoes. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat corns on toes. There are medical procedures available for patients having such skin problem or they can also opt for natural treatments.
Medical Treatments to Remove Corns on Toes:  
People with diabetes may find it real difficult to cure the corns on their toes. So it is advisable that they undergo medical procedures instead of the doing some home-made cures. It is important for the patient to seek only the help of professional podiatrist or dermatologist. The doctor can make use of different methods to remove corns on toes. One medical procedure is to trim the thickened dead skin using a surgical knife or scalpel. Another medical treatment would be the use of chemicals that softens the corns and finally remove it. Many podiatrists make use of salicylic acid solution to peel off the corns on toes. But, this chemical may produce detrimental side effects like burn on the skin and the physician must be extra careful in doing this procedure. Though one can apply this medication at home, it's much better to leave it to the doctor. The last treatment would be surgery. Surgery is only applicable when the real cause of the corns is the wrong position of bones in the feet that result to hammertoes and corn enlargement.
Home Based Treatments to Remove Corns on Toes:
  Home cures are very ideal if the corns are not yet totally infected or they are just starting to develop. There are many natural ways to remove corns on toes that are extremely effective and don't cost too much. One would be applying castor oil and other ointments that soothe the corns. The patient may also soak his/her feet in a basin of warm water with Epsom salt. Some would cover their feet overnight using plastic before wearing their socks. The next day, the corns can get scraped out gently.
With the right treatment and proper care of foot, one can get away from the painful and embarrassing troubles brought by corns.
By Jhoan S Escaro
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