Monday, July 14, 2014

Homemade Hair Removal Products From Common Household Ingredients

Organic, green, natural and homemade are the buzzwords these days. The media is filled with reports, photos, and articles that suggest a more natural approach to living. Walk through any bookstore and you'll find rows of books that cater to people looking for a more simple way of doing things.
There is information out there that can tell you how to heal yourself of illness and discomfort by using common, everyday items you already have in your kitchen or medicine cabinet.  Got a headache?  Don't take medication, trying drinking a glass of water instead.
That headache could be caused by dehydration.  Burn your finger cooking dinner?  Break off a piece of that Aloe Vera plant and smear it on the burn.  Need to remove some unwanted hair?  Well, there are natural homemade options for that problem, too.
So, let's talk about hair removal.  Most people have unwanted hair they would like to be rid of.  How about using a natural approach?  Creating a homemade hair removal product that is safe, inexpensive and effective is easier than you think.
Turmeric is a common spice used in Asian and Indian cooking.  Turmeric is one of the spices used in curry dishes.  You can use turmeric mixed with flour to make a paste that will not only remove fine hair, but will also deter hair growth over time with continued use. This paste is perfect for female facial hair.  It also softens and brightens the skin.  What a bonus.
Honey, molasses, sugar, and lemon juice are additional food-grade ingredients you can use to make homemade hair removers.  Mixing honey, sugar and lemon juice over low heat will yield an all-natural paste that can be used like wax to remove unwanted hair.
Just apply the warm mixture to your unwanted hair and use clean cotton strips to pull the paste and hair from your skin.   Molasses, brown sugar and lemon juice can be used to make another version of sugaring paste.
Using either of these will allow you to safely remove your unwanted hair, knowing you are using a clean, natural product you made yourself.
After using your homemade hair remover, you can fight those ingrown hairs, bumps and red irritation with another easy home remedy.  Mix rubbing alcohol with crushed aspirin by shaking it very well.  Use this mixture like a toner after hair removal, applying it with a clean cotton ball.  You'll be amazed at the clear, smooth skin revealed by a recipe that literally costs pennies to make.
Going natural doesn't mean you have to live with your unwanted hair.  Using everyday ingredients can translate into saving money and monitoring your health as you rid yourself of unwanted hair. Homemade hair removal is a simple and cost-effective option for anyone wishing to go natural.-By
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