Monday, June 30, 2014

Home Remedies For Vertigo That You Can Try at Your Home

Vertigo or Dizziness is accompanied by light-headedness and unsteady balance which makes a person fall down. The surroundings begin to rotate and the person feels dizziness leading to lose his balance. Such phenomenon in medical terms is termed as vertigo. The loss of balance is due to the lack of co-ordination from the brain not able to get the signal from eyes, ears and nervous system. The older generations face the problem of backaches after having the dizziness. The disease does not last for longer but it can be causing a greater impact. Hence Vertigo needs to be diagnosed to lessen the acute effect.
Some of the most common symptoms which are faced during Vertigo are feeling of faintness, loss of the balance, blurred vision, Nausea and weakness. Sudden dip of pressure and dehydration can lead to vertigo. The natural remedies of vertigo are maintaining a strict diet, reducing stress, regular exercises, enhancing the sleeping hours. A healthy diet need to be maintained constituting caffeine, ice tea, eating salty and sweet dish can reduce the dizziness. Water is the basic remedy for treating dizziness. Water is one of the powerful objects which can help a person get rid of any disorder.
Ginger has also been one of the natural remedies to treat vertigo. The effect of ginger is very fast and it reacts to the immediate situation. Vertigo is such a phenomenon which can take place at any time. So if this happens it is better to sit down and take rest. Anemia, motion sickness, High cholesterol, high blood pressure are some of the common causes of Vertigo. One of the natural remedies of Vertigo is use of almonds, pumpkin seeds, three tablespoons of wheat and a tablespoon of poppy seeds. This mixture is kept overnight and dried. The dried powder is taken with warm water or milk.
But it is prevention better than cure. Some action must be performed so that we must not get frequent dizziness. Bending of back or using any awkward position can be dangerous. Physiotherapy specialist must be consulted if you have severe back problems and retain the dizziness issues. Chiropractic treatment can be helpful in treating the neck problems. Breathing exercises and meditation can be helpful in causing such diseases go away. Dizziness can be reduced by using the peel of limes, lemons, oranges and tangerines. Daily intake of sufficient water is also needed to maintain the regular regime.
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