Saturday, June 21, 2014

3 Home Remedies for Treating Melasma

Melasma is a state that causes dark patches or pigmentation in the regions of cheeks, upper lips, forehead and temples. This is due to hyper pigmentation and aging process causing loss of complexion, elasticity and tenderness of the skin. The hormonal disturbance is also one of the main reasons; increased hormonal production leads to increase melanin production. Some other causes may include allergic reactions, stress, cosmetic and medication reactions etc. Treating it with the help of various home remedies is the best way to stay protected against chemical reactions.
Vinegar - It is an acetic acid which helps to clean the skin from inside and thereby improves its complexion. Attenuate the vinegar with water equally and use this to cleanse the face and then rinse off. Air drying is best as it helps to seal the essential moisture. One can also use this mixture like a toner or an astringent. It is highly capable of brightening and whitening the skin as well as makes it smoother and glowing. From many decades, it is being used as softener, apple cider along with natural vinegars are suggested.
Lemon Juice - It is acidic thus able to peel of the upper crust of skin, thereby leads to faded dark spots. Applying lemon juice on regular basis helps to reduce pigmentation and very nutritious for human cover.
Onion Juice- In order to obtain onion juice, chop few onions finely and squeeze them with the help of cheesecloth. Mix the juice with vinegar of apple cider and apply it over the face at least twice a day. Use cotton balls to apply the mixture and watch the outcomes in several weeks. Alternatively, one can also cut the onion into slices, plunge it in vinegar and finally apply it to reduce pigmentation.
Vinegar, lemon and onion juice are outstanding home remedies to get rid of Melasma.
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