Monday, May 12, 2014

Symptoms and Causes of Meningitis

It is a disease which is caused by the inflammation of protective membrane covering the brain and spinal cord and it is known as meningitis. This problem occurs generally by the bacteria or viruses. In some cases this problem can also occurs by certain medications and illnesses. Some other reasons of having meningitis include physical injury, cancer or certain drugs. It is necessary to know the exact cause of meningitis, because the severity of illness and the treatment is based on it.
Kids of any age can get meningitis, but because it can be easily spread between people living in close quarters, teens, college students, and boarding-school students are at higher risk for infection. If the problem caught at the first or earlier stage meningitis can be treated successfully. To get this problem on earlier stags you should get routine vaccinations as it is helpful to know the signs of meningitis. Whenever, you suspect that your child has the illness, seek medical care right away.
Headache, fever, vomiting, neck stiffness and joint pain, drowsiness or confusion, discomfort when looking at bright lights or light sensitivity, fitting or convulsions are some of the main symptoms that may occur if you are having meningitis.
A rash may also appear on the skin and in some cases the rash may start as a pink rash, a pink, purple or red spot. It can also appear as pink, red, purple or brownish colored pin prick spots which may develop into a bruise like rash.
The bacteria and virus that cause general illness can also caused meningitis. Sometimes the bacteria and viruses that infect the skin, urinary system, gastrointestinal or respiratory tract can spread by the bloodstream to the meningitis through cerebrospinal fluid, the fluid that circulates in and around the spinal cord.
In some cases of bacterial meningitis, bacteria spread to the meninges from a severe head trauma or a severe infection as ear infection and sinusitis.
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