Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Natural Cheilitis Cures

Angular Cheilitis is a very painful and highly visible skin disease where the mouth corners get cracked and suffer from lesions. In addition the patient can experience chapped lips, in severe cases even the tongue can get infected. However finding Cheilitis cures that work can often be very hard, especially if you are looking for a permanent disease.
A person suffering from low immunity is more likely to be in danger, also people wearing ill-fitting dentures, biting nails and sucking thumbs more often suffer from this disease. However the most often causes are bacterial and/or yeast infection. Often the cure depends on a cause so for example if you have a bad fitting dentures you need to get dentures re-fitted and use antiseptic solution regularly.
People with bad habits such as thumb sucking or nail biting etc. must break these habits as they can cause bacterial and yeast infections. Regular treatments for bacteria infected mouth is to apply topical cream containing antibiotics while for the yeast infected mouth utilizing the anti-fungal and steroid cream is recommended. People suffering from chapped lips should apply Vaseline, Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, un-perfumed lip balms etc. If a person has a deficiency of vitamins, iron or zinc then an alteration in the diet would be the best way to permanently eliminate Cheiliosis, using appropriate supplements is also very effective.
The Cheilitis cures mentioned above would suffice, though what would really help is a change in habits, balanced diet, and mainting a high level of the personal hygiene. This way one can ensure that Perleche, as this skin disease is also known, does not strike back.
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