Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How To Deal With Those Awful Blackheads - Acne Treatment 101

Acne is one skin condition that anyone would be grateful never to have at all. However, acne is part of life; everyone gets them at some point. The condition affects people in varying degrees too. Some will get by with only the mildest case of acne while others will have severe acne that physically scars them for life. In addition to whiteheads and pimples, blackheads are the visible signs of an acne. Who doesn't want to get rid these unsightly blemishes regardless of the cost?
Removing blackheads can be quite challenging and tricky. Improperly removing blackheads can leave scars on your face. You may be sorely tempted to smash, squeeze and scrape the blackheads as soon as they appear, but you need to exercise restraint and a good dose of common sense. A few minutes of satisfaction over getting rid of the blackheads could equal to a lifetime of remorse when scars replace the blackheads. As much as possible, you want to get rid of acne without any scarring or blemishing your skin.
If you are constantly plagued by blackheads, your first line of defense is knowledge. If you know and understand what you are up against, you will be able to take proper steps towards fighting blackheads. Clogged pores are what cause blackheads. Blackheads are the result of a reaction that the clogged pores have undergone, creating discoloration. While whiteheads tend to create a pustule on your skin's surface, blackheads will not; they are leveled with the skin and are discolored instead.
So how exactly can you avoid blackheads from appearing at all? And when they do appear, what should you do? Unfortunately, you cannot completely avoid blackheads. However, if you are healthy and maintain good hygiene, you will be helping yourself a lot in terms of keeping your skin clear. There are over-the-counter drugs available for acne breakouts but they are not completely fool-proof.
Blackheads can be the bane of anyone's existence. No person in his or her right mind would ever welcome blackheads once they rear their ugly, discolored heads. If blackheads start appearing on your face, use skin care products that have been created for removing blackheads. Avoid removing the blackheads with your fingernails, tweezers or any other small tool. Doing so could leave permanent scars on your face. If you must absolutely take those blackheads out, go to the pharmacy and get strips that are designed to pull the blackheads out. If you have a severe case of blackheads, don't think twice -- go to a dermatologist so you can be properly treated.
There not a single medication that can profess to completely curing acne -- blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and all. If you suffer from mild to severe acne, finding the right medication may take some time; it requires a lot of patience from your part. A great deal of self-restraint may be called for, particularly when you are tempted to pop pimples, dig out the blackheads and squeeze the whiteheads. What you can do is lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and have good hygiene. Of course, seeking the help and advice of a doctor is always a good thing to do.
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