Sunday, May 4, 2014

Blocked Ear Remedy - How To Unblock A Blocked Ear

If you have the misfortune to have a blocked ear, you know exactly how annoying it is. It can feel like having earplugs in your ears all the time, but without the option to remove them. It's not just difficult to hear, but usually also very uncomfortable. Nobody wishes to have blocked ears, so I'm sure you want to get rid of yours as soon as possible. Read this article to find a blocked ear remedy you can use at home.
Blocked ears can be caused by a variety of things, including: the common cold or allergies, a sinus infection, an ear infection, atmospheric pressure changes (like on an airplane), diving and getting water in the ears, and seriously packed earwax stoppage. It's commonly not permanent, but it can last for a while, and it's very irritating while the clog is still there, so trying to get rid of it yourself is wise.
Here are several methods for unblocking your ears, so pick a blocked ear remedy and get started:
The first and simplest blocked ear remedy is swallowing over and over. Swallowing like this opens up the sinuses a bit and eases pressure. If it's a cold or allergies clogging up your ears, this is an effective, quick solution to the problem.
Here's the next good way to unblock your ears. Do as big a yawn as possible, opening your mouth as wide as you can. This method is related to the first method, in that it opens up the sinuses and relieves the pressure. It does it in a slightly different way, however, and may work where swallowing isn't.
The third blocked ear remedy you can try is try a heating pad on your ear. If you have water stuck in your ear, this will eliminate it, as well as easing the pain in your ear.. A blow dryer will also work, but be cautious.
Applying steam to the area is another highly effective method you can try. Start a very hot shower, to steam up the room, or heat up water in a pot, put the water in a bowl and put your face over the bowl with a blanket over your head to inhale the steam. If none of the other blocked ear remedies worked out, undoubtedly try this one.
Author: Barbara Owens
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