Thursday, April 10, 2014

What Is The Best Natural Tactic To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags?

You might have observed that as you get older the skin around your eyes changing and that means that fluid filled bags of skin can start to show under or around your eyes. There can be various reasons behind the formation of puffy bags under your eyes and some of them are out of your control while others you can modify or alter. In addition there are several effective holistic home remedies for the treatment of bags under eyes. Your skin has stretched and become thinner as it ages
Inherited genetics from someone's parents is an important factor in how healthy their skin is and the way it changes as it ages. Your heredity can not be altered and getting older is inevitable however several other reasons which cause eye bags can definitely be controlled. Having a healthy and active lifestyle with a minimum of skin damaging bad habits is an excellent treatment for bags under eyes. You can age and damage the skin with habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, so if in case you have these habits, stopping them could be considered as a treatment for bags under eyes.
The diet which people consume can even have a big role in the healthiness of their skin. A low sodium diet needs to be followed because excessive amount of salt tends to encourage the body to retain surplus fluids and that could make eye bags form. Lots of water must be consumed on a daily basis so as to ensure that the body is properly hydrated. To keep the skin layers healthy the body must get a good supply of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and other vital nutrients so it can control damage done to the skin by toxins and free radical molecules.
A relatively new but extremely popular treatment for bags under eyes is that of facial exercises. These can help remove puffy eye bags by tightening up the skin as well as toning the ligaments and muscle tissues underneath. One such work out involves keeping two fingers underneath the eyes and pressing slightly while closing the eyelids and rolling the eyes upwards simultaneously. Getting a full night of sleep on a routine basis helps to prevent puffy eye bags and if the head is elevated by using extra pillows any excess accumulated fluids will drain away by way of gravity while the body is sleeping.
Keeping a cold object onto the eye bags is a natural treatment for bags under eyes that has been popular for centuries. Slices of cucumber were traditionally applied however green tea bags are now popular for the reason that certain ingredients present in them have anti-inflammatory properties. Liquid vitamin E is a very good treatment for bags under eyes if it is massaged gently into the delicate skin near the eyes. Honey has long been a favorite traditional remedy for puffy eye bags and so have face masks prepared out of crushed papaya or bananas. Rinsing with cold water can also reduce eye bags.Sean Thomas Saunders
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  1. Thanks for the advice! Found good suggestions over here. I've used green tea bags for under eye bags and I found it easy and perfect solution for the problem. Thanks!