Tuesday, April 8, 2014

11 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Cholesterol Today

Unhealthy diet is the main culprit in having very high cholesterol counts. Most Americans have very unhealthy diets due to the increasing number of fast food chains available. Not only are the burgers oily the fries that you order comes in packs so huge, making dieting a huge problem and most of the time out of the question.
Unhealthy eating can put a risk on your health. One major and very popular problem connected with cholesterol is heart attacks. Cholesterol kills. It will slowly consume you without you knowing it. Be smart and know what to do. Better yet prevent any bad attacks by being healthy and eating wise.
You might not be aware of your cholesterol levels so it is best to go to your friendly doctor and have yourself checked. You just might be astounded as to how much cholesterol you have consumed and kept. Unhealthy diet is a serious matter be serious and take care of your health. Learn the proper way to take care of your self and your body. After all you have but only one life.
Here are a few ideas on how to maintain that cholesterol levels way down:
1. Try oatmeal - it has loads of fiber that aids in sweeping all those toxins out of your body. If you find oatmeal to boring add slices of banana or other fruits that you fancy.
2. Exercise - break a sweat and get that butt moving. Not only will you gain weight from just sitting you might just end up having a very slow metabolism. You need to have a fast metabolism for faster breakdown of food. The only way to move it up is to move!
3. Fruits work wonders - yes fruits are natural foods. Very healthy grab one of those instead of munching that cholesterol rich French fries.
4. Get leaner cuts - when you are eating out or just going to your favorite restaurant ask for the leaner parts.
5. Whole wheat for whole health - whole wheat bread are way better for you than those white bread containing white flour.
6. Stop eating fast foods - all their meals are loaded with everything including fat and cholesterol resulting to you eventually being unhealthy and unhappy.
7. Olive oil is a miracle!- instead of using regular cooking oil get the more healthy oil. Olive oil is known and accepted in popular diet plans.
8. Drink H2O - water is important in our body. Load it up.
9. Read up - you need to research for better food alternatives that are near or at least palatable and enticing.
10. Get a motivator - have your partner or family help by keeping foods healthy. Tell them that their motivation is important to you. It will not only help you lower your count it will also make them healthier as well.
11. Learn to look at nutritional facts - they are facts after all. You just might be shocked with that ice cream you ate.
Lowering your cholesterol levels is very hard. It needs patience and perseverance (and a strong will power). You really need to work for it; your cholesterol count won't go down overnight you know. Just remember the diet you will follow T-L-C. This means low saturated and low cholesterol.
Do not be afraid of the doctor or dietician. They are there to help you and not sentence you to death through hunger. You health is there concern. Gain knowledge from them and live healthy. Are you not fully aware of the proper foods to eat or seem to have wondered what you can actually eat? Well that's one of their jobs. Get a load of your back and ask for their help.
A lot of Americans are living very unhealthy ways, be different and make a difference. Change your eating habits and change your lifestyle. Try involving your family and friends too. Soon it will be infectious and more and more will learn to eat the better way. Be that instrument of change.
All this are for you. You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to be happy and live the healthy life each and every American ought to have. Grab that life and get that cholesterol down. You are alive and well. Think positive and move!
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