Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Many Benefits of Yoga

Many studies have been conducted to determine which areas will benefit from an extended practice of yoga. Yoga practitioners are most likely to see improvements in the areas of physiology, psychology, and biochemistry.
Furthermore, practitioners of yoga speak of a unification of the body, mind and spirit achieved through the practice of yoga exercises and breathing techniques. But, of course, that is a bit difficult to test scientifically.
Yoga Is An Ancient Way of Life
Yoga is not a recent development. It has been practiced for thousands of years, during which time people have greatly benefited from it. 1 of the fundamental beliefs shared by yogis is that the mind and the body are a unified system, which in a proper environment, can find harmony and self-healing.
Demonstrated Health Benefits
Many doctors consider yoga to have therapeutic results, and recommend it for several illnesses and conditions, mainly related to the nervous system.
From the physiological point of view, extended yoga practice can benefit:
- pulse rate
- respiratory problems
- blood pressure dysfunctions
- help stabilize the nervous system
- gastrointestinal functions
- endocrine function
- the range of motion in joints
- endurance
- energy level
- immunity to diseases
- cardiovascular efficiency
- improve eye-hand coordination
- reaction time
- dexterity
- depth perception
- sleep
- etc.
Yoga's psychological benefits include:
- enhanced somatic and kinesthetic awareness
- self-acceptance
- self-actualization
- social skills
- well-being
- concentration
- memory
- attention
- mood
- learning efficiency
- and more
As for the biochemical benefits of yoga, tests have shown improvements in:
- glucose
- sodium
- cholesterol
- total white blood cell count
- vitamin C
- total serum protein
- hemoglobin.
Deep Organ and Joint Stimulation
Various studies revealed that yoga exercises are extremely effective at increasing joint flexibility, and at lubricating and strengthening the joints, ligaments and tendons. Another interesting finding is that yoga is one of the very few forms of exercise capable of massaging all the internal organs and glands. This includes organs that are rarely stimulated, such as the prostate. The stimulation and massaging of the internal organs proves to be extremely beneficial for health.
Elimination of Toxins
These ancient and efficient yoga techniques also provide a thorough detoxification of the body. Stretching the muscles and performing a complete yoga workout acts as a massage, thereby ensuring the optimal blood supply to every organ. Consequently, toxins are eliminated from the body and certain undesired processes, such as aging, are delayed.
All of these remarkable health benefits are available from yoga practice. What are you waiting for? Let's go find a yoga school!
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