Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Main Causes of Itchy Skin

Do you get itchy skin or skin rash? As you know, itchy skin bumps are annoying, distracting and irritating. Therefore, I have updated a list to illustrate most of common causes for itchy red rash you are dying to cure.
1. Allergic Reaction
If you are experiencing skin bumps that are itchy and swollen and seemingly unexplainable skin bumps then it might be caused by an allergy. Skin bumps caused by allergies tend to arrive suddenly and in the form of hives, rashes, or pimple-like bumps. Certain fabric fibers, such as wool, and chemicals that can be found in soaps can be a major cause of itchiness and skin irritation. Furthermore, food allergies can cause itchiness in many people. Therefore, in most of this case, a doctor can test for various food allergies and switching from fragrant soaps to all natural ones can help solve your skin rash and rid the itchiness.
2. Liver Disease
A second reason that I want to mention in this article is Liver Disease. You may laugh at my face that how can liver disease can cause skin rash; just because it stay far from you skin. However, that is true. I don't mean to scare reader but it is true that liver disease is one of main reason that cause of skin irritation. Usually liver disease will cause your whole body to itch rather than just one specific area. Therefore, If you find your whole body itching without rashes you may want to consult a doctor to rule out liver disease as well as other internal diseases they may be the cause.
3. Genetics
Maybe you do not know, genetics can be the most common cause for itchy skin.Your skin's collagen levels are determined by genetics and the greater of amount of collagen in your skin the more likely you are to be predisposed to an itchy red rash. One research about itchy skin in twins indicated that if one twin exhibited itchy skin, or "atopic dermatitis," there was a high correspondence in the same condition being experienced by the other twin, as well.
One more very funny reason for skin rash that is Pregnancy!. It's not uncommon to feel itchy, particularly around your growing belly and breasts as your skin stretches to accommodate them. Hormonal changes may also be partly to blame. Pregnant women often experience itchy skin, especially on their abdomen and breasts. Therefore, if you get itchy skin during the pregnancy time, don't scare about that. You may go to see doctor to get some advices.
Fist time I think about this reason, I have misunderstood that Drugs reason and Allergic reason may be the same. However, they has some differences. Many people experience reactions to a variety of drugs from antibiotics to narcotics. Therefore, make sure you are aware if you are allergic to any drugs. After all, every doctor will ask you when you go for a routine checkup. In the case you get reactions to drugs, you should be very careful 
Author: Sammy Robinson
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