Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Enormous numbers of people around the world are suffering from bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. But, the thing that is truly depressing about it is that most folks don't even know they have the condition. The strange tingling in their palms and fingers are dismissed as poor circulation, fatigue, or even nerve twinges.
When pressure is set on the median nerve the condition is know as bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Poor Posture and swelling can be caused by this pressure. Quick jabs of pain, tingling, numbness are just a few of the irritants that can arise if left untreated. Extreme cases of bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome may cause you to have difficulty moving or picking up objects.
Surgery or other invasive treatments are not needed if you treat bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome early on. Ergonomically friendly equipment such as a mouse and pad can help keep your wrist straight and relieve some the pressure. Also, taking breaks regularly from work and dong simple exercises are a good way to relieve the pressure. Available in all different designs and sizes, wrist braces are another viable option for relief.
If you do need to have surgery because your bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome has become quite severe, don't worry, it isn't very complicated. Basically, depending on your doctors technique, a small cut is made in your inner wrist (or palm). As soon as the pressure has been relieved all you'll have to do is baby your hands and wrists without restricting their movement entirely. To keep your circulation flowing you'll have to gently flex your fingers and make fists. You can reduce swelling simply by keeping your writs above heart level.
*SIDE NOTE: Like every surgery, there are some risks involved. If you feel intense pain that seems to linger after surgery contact your doctor immediately.
For treatment bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, there only a few options available. Schedule a consult with your doctor to determine what plan of action is best for you. Remember, the longer you wait the longer you'll have to deal with unnecessary pain. Do something about it now.
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