Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Natural Herbs for Lowering Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a wax-like material which is made by liver and relates it to proteins known as lipoproteins that dissolves it in blood to get circulated to various parts of the body as it very essential component in the formation of cell membranes, certain hormones and one of the most important mineral i.e. vitamin D.
Raised amount of cholesterol in the blood stream is a dangerous trend that can happen in your body. High cholesterol levels in blood have been indicated to heart related ailments. Cholesterol has the tendency to get deposited in the arterial walls while its course of flow in the body. The deposits are known as plaque, narrow the arterial cavity and thus interrupt the blood flow. The process of narrowing of the arteries is technically known as arthrosclerosis and is very often seen in arteries that supplies blood to heart. As heart is a vital organ and if it is deprived of nutrients and nourishments may lead to the disruption of its functioning. This disruption of its function may be fatal. But it is our fortune that cholesterol deposition is a reversible process, if proper care is taken.
Types of cholesterol:
(a) High density lipoproteins (HDL)
(b) Low density lipoproteins (LDL)
These are antagonistic in function and work in opposite direction. LDL carries the cholesterol from heart and supplies it to whole body. When the LDL level in the blood rises then it starts depositing in the arterial wall and this is the reason it is known as bad cholesterol. As compared to HDL it is being carried from blood to liver and helps in dissolving cholesterol deposited in the arteries, hence it is referred to as good cholesterol.
As per the normal values total cholesterol level should be less than 200 mg/dl. HDL cholesterol level should be greater than 40 mg/dl. LDL cholesterol level should be less than 100 mg/dl.
We are being blessed by certain herbs that have the tendency to reduce the raised cholesterol levels in the body and also maintain it to normal levels. These are:
A blessing of Ayurvedic system of medicine, arjuna is the best herbal cardio protective agent existing on the lap of mother nature. It is has been used by ancient ayurvedic healers ever since ayurvedic system came in existence. Due to its wonderful properties it has been successfully used as heart muscle tonic and cardio-protector agent. It has the properties of that helps in lowering the LDL levels and increase the HDL levels in the body. It prevents deposition of cholesterol in the arteries and also helps in regulating the cholesterol flow towards liver from heart so as to prevent any kind of damage done by cholesterol. Arjuna also contains Co- Enzymes Q 10 which is responsible for providing energy to heart muscles and strengthens them. The bark of arjuna is rich in saponins and flavonoids, gallic acids, certain phytosterols and glycosides like arjunetosides I, arjunetosides II, arjunetosides III and arjunetosides IV along with arjunine and arjunetin which are the most important heart toners.
Since ages guggul has been the companion of mankind saving him from many diseases. Botanically known as Commiphora mukul, it is a wonderful herb that is responsible for treating so many ailments that man suffers. The powerful action of guggulu helps in lowering down the levels of triglycerides and cholesterols there by managing the proper ratio of High density lipoproteins to low density lipoproteins. In a study it was proved that guggulu helps in lowering the cholesterol levels by 15 to 28 % and triglycerides level by 20 to 30 %. Guggulu has also proven its worth in reducing the body fats level and there by maintaining it to normal levels. It has also found its application as an herbal antibiotic there by fighting the antigens entering in our body to protect us from unknown ailments.
Garlic is the part of every Indian kitchen. It is widely used because of its wide range of benefits. Garlic or allium sativum is wonderful remedy in lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood. But raising the HDL levels in the body. It acts as natural antibiotic fighting against the infection occurring in the body. It helps in lowering the raised blood pressure. It also prevents the formation of clots in arteries. It is very effective in treating the digestive disturbances and is helpful in proper sections of enzymes needed for proper digestion. It is also helpful in improving the proper blood circulation in the body.
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