Monday, December 16, 2013

How To Get Rid Of Moles Naturally

Sometimes you will find that some moles disappear with age while certain others remain and turn out as permanent marks on your skin.
So if you are suffering from loss of confidence because of unsightly moles around your face which are not at all attractive, then it is time to do some research and find some remedies.
One such remedy you can try is to extract the juice of sour apples and apply this mixture on the mole three times a day for around three weeks. Once you start don't stop. If you continue regularly, you will find that the mole will have turned much, much dimmer by the end of the third week.
Another highly effective home remedy is applying the juice of an onion once a day for several weeks on the mole. This can also help to eliminate moles.
Take a pinch of baking soda with a little bit of castor oil and dab this paste on to the area where the mole is present and leave it overnight. Do this continuously for several days..
You can make use of drumstick pods by grinding these finely to a smooth paste like mixture and then add fresh lemon extract to it. When this is done, you can add this paste to the area of the mole on a regular basis. Slowly, the mole will fade off.
Another home remedy that is recommended is using dandelion roots. First of all, you have to cut the root of a dandelion plant. Then rub this root on to the mole till it's milky like juice seeps out and covers the mole completely. If you do this at least once every day for several weeks, you may find that it will eliminate it.
How To Get Rid Of Moles Naturally
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