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How to Get Rid of Ear Gauges Smell

Ear gauge is a tribal form of art which indicates stretching a healed hole in the skin of the ear to place body jewelry in the hole, such as plugs or tapers. Getting an ear gauge means you need to think through it carefully, because sometimes things can go wrong by stretching your gauge irrevocably. Having gauged ear means you have to responsibly do personal care to it regularly. You should not allow dead skin cells to form inside the earlobe and eventually fall off the earlobe where it is near your stretched earlobe piercing. Once this will occur, the dead skin cells with be trapped in the earlobe and icky and gross smell of earcheese will soon develop. Daily clean-up of the cylindrical stretched ear jewelry must be done daily to prevent this disgusting thing to happen. You must always remember to use mild soaps only, and not to leave it on the sink or shower to avoid contaminating any bacteria.
How to Get Rid of Ear Gauges Smell
  1. Cylindrical stretched ear jewelries are known as "plugs". The first thing you should do is to remove these from your ear piercings. Use a generous amount of liquid soap to rub on all sides of the plugs on warm running water from the faucet of your sink or shower.
  2. Wash the plugs thoroughly making sure not to leave any marks of dead skin cells and dirt on them. After the thorough wash, rinse off liquid soap with cool water, and dry them using a paper towel.
  3. For organic plugs such as made from bone, wood or horn, you may use emu or jojoba oil for an additional cleansing. Using a clean cloth, pour a small amount of either of the oil and rub on the inside and outside of the plugs.
  4. After lathering your hands with liquid soap and water, position one finger on the inside of the earlobe piercing. Rub the finger in a circular motion inside it ensuring all sides of the piercing covered. Repeat the same steps for the outside earlobe piercing and the front and the back of it as well.
  5. After cleansing, insert the plugs into the earlobe piercing right away while it is still lubricated, and to prevent picking up bacteria from your sink and shower. Dry the skin around your earlobe piercing with paper towel or clean cloth.
How to Get Rid of Ear Gauges Smell
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