Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Congested Sinus and Ringing Ears - Two Sides of the Same Coin

Stuffy and congested sinuses and nasal discharge are all common problems affecting millions of individuals. However, for those of us who suffer from a constant ringing, buzzing or popping sound in their ears, on top of stuffy and congested sinuses, understand why some people say the unrelenting ringing noise drives them crazy. It is enough of a problem to deal with the uncomfortable feeling caused by congestion, but add sinus ringing ears on top of the congestion and it makes the situation much worse.
Sinus ringing ears is a cause of distress for many people. Yes, your stuffy nose and that uncomfortable sinus headache could well be contributing factors for the ringing sound that you hear echoing in your ears. In many ways, congested sinus cavities and ringing ears are simply two different sides of the same coin.
The Reality of Ringing in the Ears
Whether it is a crackling noise, a low humming sound or an insistent ringing or buzzing noise that you hear, the continual sounds can make you feel as though you are on the brink of insanity. The constant noise cannot only affect your ability to concentrate and sleep but it can negatively impact the overall quality of your life.
For those who suffer from sinus congestion, ringing ears can often be a frustrating side effect for which there seems to be no way to alleviate the ringing. What makes matters worse is that many times doctors can find no external cause for the continual sounds you are hearing and family members may tell you that the noises are only in your mind.
The truth is, you are not imagining these sounds and you certainly are not losing touch with reality. Ringing in the ears is a real problem for millions of people and the medical term for the buzzing or ringing sound that echoes in your ears for no apparent reason is Tinnitus. When looking for relief it is important that you do not lose sight of the fact that those annoying sounds could be the result of congestion and pressure in your sinus cavities.
Facts about Sinus Congestion
Did you know that sinus congestion could cause problems such as sinus ringing ears? If your sinuses become infected and inflammation is present, the swelling that occurs will affect the ability of your sinus to drain. The lack of drainage from your sinuses will cause pressure to build in and around the ears causing you to hear the ringing sounds. Sinus problems can result when the interior linings of your sinus cavities become irritated. This irritation can be the result of a bacterial or viral infection or allergies.
As your sinuses swell, the drainage openings are unable to operate effectively creating pressure in the Eustachian tube. This build up of pressure, along with the blocked airways is responsible for that continual ringing or buzzing sound that you are hearing. Everyone responds differently to sinus pressure and some people may not even be aware of ringing ear sounds, especially if the sounds are very faint.
The blocked Eustachian tube and the stuffy sinus cavities begin to fill with air and liquid creating an echo chamber. Sounds such as the beating of your heart or blood rushing through your veins become magnified and resemble the ringing, crackling and humming noises that you hear.
Take Action
For some people the ringing sounds they hear are extremely aggravating and all they can think about is how to find a cure. These people find it difficult to concentrate due to the stuffiness in their sinus cavity and the magnification of the ringing noises they constantly hear. A healthy diet and natural herbal supplements can often help prevent sinus woes in the first place. These preventative steps are a way to take action against irritated sinus, ringing ears and congestion before these symptoms are ever a reality in your life.
Finding relief for sinus ringing ears
The following are steps you can take to help diminish, or eliminate, those ringing ear noises.
  • A build up of earwax has been identified as a cause or ringing in the ears. The safest way to have your ears cleaned is have your doctor remove the wax from your ears. However, there are earwax removal kits that you can purchase that will help you eliminate excess earwax safely.

  • Chewing gum can help some people relieve pressure buildup in their ears. Gum chewing works to exercise the jaw muscles and this activity will also help relieve air trapped in the middle ear. The chewing motions can help equalize the pressure on both sides of the eardrum. If you have sinus ringing ears and pressure inside your ears you might want to see if chewing some gum will resolve the problem.

  • White noise from a fan, air conditioning unit or even a radio that is on a very low sound setting can help distract your mind and keep you from focusing on the noises. While white noise is not a cure, it can still be very useful.

  • Saline sprays for the nose may give you some relief. Doctors often suggest that their patients use a decongestant or a mild antihistamine when the complaint involves sinus ringing ears or other signs of congested sinus cavities.

  • Drinking herbal teas or having access to a room humidifier can also help relieve sinus based problems.
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