Friday, October 25, 2013

Black Seed Oil - Primary Uses and Benefits of Black Seed

Sighted to be one of the foremost healing herbs in history, Black Seed, or Nigella Sativa has long been known for its medicinal value. The ancient civilizations recognized how powerful this healing herb was as early as 3000 years ago. It produces an oil which is comprised of more than 100 chemical compounds including essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
It has been used for thousands of years to boost and stabilize immune health, detoxify the body, and generally support health and longevity. Although it is extremely effective in helping to heal a variety of ailments, those who are not currently sick can benefit greatly from taking Black Seed as it can help to eliminate free radicals which can be found in our bodies and can lead to cancer.
Similar to other types of alternative medicine, Black Seed can be found in different forms which can be used in a variety of different ways. It can be found as a dietary supplement or tablet form which is used in order to prevent or aid a number of medical conditions. It can also be found as an oil which can be mixed into other liquids or applied directly to treat conditions such as arthritis, eczema and psoriasis.

Stepping away from medicinal purposes, it is also regularly used in cooking, acting as spice in vegetable and meat recipes and can easily be mixed in with any type of hot or cold beverages and foods. Yet, no matter which way you choose to use this super herb, both forms are effective in their own right.
But just how can Black Seed benefit us?
• Firstly, all forms of Black Seed are rich in nutrition and fatty acids such as Linoleic and Linoleic acid which cannot be produced by the body on its own. These can be acquired by the foods we eat but the intake of this herb product can increase its level. It also contains Arginine which is vital for infant growth.
• Studies have shown that Nigella Sativa can help to strengthen the body's immune system naturally. It is believed that in time, black cumin seeds and other forms of Nigella Sativa may be able to help in treating ailments such as cancer, AIDS and other conditions which directly affect the immune system.
• Found within its oil is dimmer dithymoquinone which in the past has been used to treat asthma. The success of this make many scientists believe that other forms of this plant can be used as an anti-histamine, helping to relive allergy suffers and asthmatics.
• The plant can also be used in order to treat sufferers of arthritis as studies have shown that black seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties.
• Finally, Black Seed can also have a positive effect on our offspring as studies show that the intake of black seed oil in a mothers diet can help to increase the volume of milk she can produce whilst breastfeeding.
The main advantage of Black Seed products is that they can be used within our everyday lifestyle. Not only will this ensure that we benefit from the many nutritional and healing properties that the seed contains, but with its ability to stabilize our immune system, we will be provided with the necessary strength to fight and prevent future illnesses.
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