Sunday, September 8, 2013

Underarm Odor Treatment - How to Get Rid of Bad Smells

If you need underarm odor treatment and need to stop those sweaty, smell "pits" then you're in the right place. Read on to find out many quick and easy tips to end the odor.
The first thing that you should do is to look at your diet. Fresh armpit sweat should not smell bad. It's only when it goes stale and bacteria thrive that it starts to smell. However, sometimes the food that we eat can contribute.
Eat more fruit and vegetables and try to remove or reduce the amount of garlic in your diet. Sometimes, fish can also contribute to bad underarm odors.
Wash Well
I'm not being patronizing here but frankly, the underarms need washing twice when you are in the shower. Actually, the idea way is to take a bath.
But failing that, you should soap and rinse the underarms twice when in the shower to make sure that all the bacteria are removed.
Tomato juice rubbed into the area can also work wonders for getting rid of odors. I know it sounds strange but you should try it and see for yourself!
Clinical Antiperspirant
One way to get rid of the odors caused by sweat is to stop the sweat in the first place. No doubt you have already tried the regular antiperspirants.
Speak to your doctor and he will be able to prescribe a clinical strength version that is far better than anything you can buy in the stores.
You need only apply it once per week but a few people may feel a burning or itching sensation.
Natural Antiperspirants
If you don't like manufactured products, then you could also try a natural alternative. You can buy something called a a "crystal" from a health store which is actually a mass of minerals that have natural antiperspirant qualities.
You use it like a regular roll-on.
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