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Garlic and Onion For High Blood Pressure - Natural Remedies For Your Health

Garlic and onion are being used for centuries in treating high blood pressure by different cultures because of its therapeutic virtues. Garlic and onions are herbs from the lily family with the ability to strengthen the heart and maintain the blood flow thereby regulating the pressure of the blood.
Before the emergence of processed foods, 2 to 5 percent of the society developed common symptoms of high blood pressure as headaches and nosebleeds. These symptoms often referred to as "hot blood" are treated by the common folks by using garlic.
In 1921, Dr. Michael Leoper circulated a research paper indicating the effectiveness of garlic in lowering the blood pressure as well as eliminating the common symptoms. As published, garlic relaxes and dilates the blood vessel walls hence, resistance to blood flow is reduced or peripheral resistance is lowered. In the same year, other researches revealed that garlic has antibacterial ingredients that lessens the absorption of toxins.
This was followed by a study made by Dr. Ed Block in 1985 identifying the substance "ajoene" in garlic as responsible in the lowering of the blood pressure. Since then, extensive studies were made.
As noted, the active components of garlic can perform the following:
1. Reduce the production of hormones which causes high blood pressure.
2. As a mild diuretic which makes the kidneys relax in the reabsorption of salt and generate ample amount of urine. Since more salt is released in the urine, the effect is lower blood pressure.
3. Supplies potassium to compensate for the lost potassium that was secreted in the urine.
4. Trim down accumulation of platelets to prevent blood clots which may lead to heart attacks and strokes.
5. Enhance the effectiveness of dietary plan.
Nowadays, "kyolic" or aged garlic is made into tablets and sold in health-food stores with the same therapeutic claim with that of raw or fresh garlic bulbs. To date, garlic tablets have no medical basis yet compared with the fresh garlic bulbs.
In relation to the healing properties of onion, its active ingredient allicin is lesser, making it less effective than garlic. However, onion contributes to the overall effectiveness of other nutrients.
As a remedy, the combination of garlic and onion to cure high blood pressure can be used as food additives for sour cream, salad, soup, etc.. It is also advised to eat garlic on a daily basis and use garlic oil only in recipes but avoid garlic salt because this is still salt.
Garlic and Onion For High Blood Pressure
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