Sunday, July 7, 2013

Six Foods That Improve Your Vision

You may already be stocking up on carrots to keep your vision in great shape, but did you know there are dozens of other foods that can reduce your risk of vision loss? Poor eyesight is often associated with aging and genetics, but experts suggest that eyesight damage can be prevented with everyday foods. Adding a few leafy greens, dark chocolate and garlic to your daily plate are just a few ways to keep your eyes - and body - in good health.
If you're concerned about vision loss and improving your eyesight, consider adding these six foods to your weekly menu:
1. Salmon - not only does salmon contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, but it's also full of Vitamins A and D. Together, these dietary essentials can help boost your brain power and improve eye health. Add at least 2-3 servings of fresh salmon to your weekly menu to optimize your diet.
2. Garlic - if you're suffering from poor circulation, eating garlic regularly can enhance blood flow and give your immune system a boost. Garlic is also rich in sulfur which is essential for keeping the lenses of your eyes strong and resilient. Fresh garlic is more potent than cooked varieties, and can easily be added to entrees for a more flavorful - and healthy - dish.
3. Dark chocolate - lauded for its antioxidant benefits, dark chocolate also contains flavanoids which are essential for a healthy heart. Flavanoids help to protect the blood vessels of the eyes so that the cornea and lens stay strong as you age. Purer forms of dark chocolate are the most potent, so look for chocolate bars that contain at least 60% cacao extracts for maximum health benefits.
4. Leafy green vegetables - you already know the importance of eating your greens each day, but all that spinach, broccoli and kale will provide essential vitamins and minerals for good eye health. According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, spinach in particular contains high levels of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin which are essential for protecting the eyes from degeneration (Source: Eating your greens fresh is the best way to maximize their health benefits.
5. Bilberries - these dark purple berries contain anthocyanosides, a compound that may reduce the risk of vision loss. They're a tart and tasty fruit that can be eaten fresh, or enjoyed as a jam or jelly. Antioxidant-rich berries are another valuable source of nutrition that may also improve your eyesight.
6. Eggs - whether you enjoy them scrambled, boiled or sunny side up, eggs are a valuable addition to any diet. Egg yolks contain several essential nutrients and protein that can keep you healthy; in addition to lutein and essential fatty acids, eggs contain B-vitamins and zinc that are essential for overall eye health.
From dark chocolate to garlic, stocking up on these six essential foods can help you maintain a balanced diet and improve your eye health.
If you're concerned about vision loss and vision impairment, a consultation with a optometry doctor in your area can determine whether you're a good candidate for LASIK or corrective eye surgery. Still, preventive measures with some simple dietary changes may help you maintain healthy vision as you age.

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