Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7 Tips to Reduce Fat Legs

Do you need to reduce fat legs? Are you terrified of all the revealing summer clothes you will wear this summer? Well, you do not have to go through all that. Here are some tips that will definitely help.
7 Tips to reduce fat legs:
1. Walk as much as possible:
Use every possible opportunity to walk instead of using your car, the bus or train. Walk at a brisk pace to make sure you increase your heartbeat. If it is at all possible, walk uphill as it really works those muscles and it will give you results a whole lot faster.
2. Jump on the mini-trampoline:
Jumping on the mini-trampoline is one of the best ways to reduce fat legs. Start with short bursts of 2 minute at a time. Repeat these 2 minute bursts until you have done a total of at least 20 minutes for the day. The mini-trampoline also helps with clearing the lymph nodes and getting rid of toxins that way.
3. Cycling:
Cycling is another very good way to slimmer legs. If you are on a stationary bike, try and cycle standing as it better targets the leg muscles. If you are doing ordinary cycling, try and stand as much as possible. Cycling uphill will also do a great job of slimming down those legs. Once again make sure you increase your heartbeat to effectively burn some calories.
4. Swimming:
Swimming is another good way to get some exercise and any form of exercise will help. Kick your legs as fast as possible to work those muscles.
5. Do calf raises:
Stand on a stair with your heels hanging over the edge of the stair. Rise onto the balls of your feet and then slowly lover your heels again, as far down and over the stair as possible. Do at least three sets of ten each, more if you can.
6. Drink lots of water:
Water improves the appearance of your skin and will help with reducing the cellulite effect. Water also helps your body with eliminating toxins and that is very necessary when you start burning some fat.
7. Eat a healthy balanced diet:
This cannot be stressed enough. To lose weight on any part of your body, you have to eat right. This does not mean you have to go on a fad diet. If you eat too little your metabolism will slow down and you will find losing weight more and more difficult. So, make sure you go on a good diet where you eat enough to prevent your body from going into starvation mode.
There are many good diets available and you must let yourself be guided by your preferences and lifestyle. It will be of no good at all if you hate the food you have to eat and you will not be able to stick to the diet. Likewise, if your lifestyle is very busy and the specific diet involves a lot of food preparations, you will not be able to do it and once again you will probably not be able to keep it up.
Well here you have the 7 tips to reduce fat legs, try it and you will see results pretty soon.
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