Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What The Symptoms Of A Kidney Stone Are

The signs and symptoms of kidney stones are very noticeable. Millions of adults deal with the often unbearable symptoms. The kidney is a very sensitive organ.
When something solid and possibly rough is lodged in the kidney there is going to be an undeniable pain that can cause nausea.
There are three common symptoms that are from kidney stones.
- Lower back pain is the first symptom.
- Nausea is the second symptom.
- Fever is the third symptom.
These three symptoms show a clear sign of having the stones. Once the stones are diagnosed you will begin treating the stones which is most often done from home.
Treating Kidney Stones
If the stone is too large to pass through and out of the bladder a surgical procedure is needed. There are two surgical procedures to treat the large stones.
The first surgery is known as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy. This treatment will break the stones into pieces small enough to pass through the bladder.
The second surgery consists of the doctor going into the kidneys and removing them himself.
Most often the stone is small enough to pass on its own. If this is the case treatment will likely happen from home. Treatment from home consists of drinking a ton of water as well eating a healthier diet and staying hydrated.
If the nausea becomes too much to handle the doctor may prescribe medication to help manage. Vomiting and having the chills is common and normal when having kidney stones.
There is more than one type of kidney stone.The two most common are the oxalate stones and the uric acid stones.
Oxalate Stone - This stone is caused by either a high level of oxalate intake and not enough water or a deficiency in calcium which raises the level of oxalate in the blood resulting in the same outcome.
Uric acid Stone - When high levels of animal protein is in the diet, the stone will most likely be formed.
Remember by drinking water as much as possible you are allowing your kidneys to flush any toxins or minerals out decreasing the chances of a stone forming.
Symptoms seem to creep up on a person but when they do you will instantly know it. With the sharp pain you will be seeking treatment instantly. It is important to prevent the stones once they have passed out of your system.
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