Thursday, June 20, 2013

Useful Home Remedies for Back Pain

People nowadays commonly suffer from back pain. This can be the result of working conditions, ineffective sitting patterns or even unhealthy lifestyle. No matter what the reason is, this type of pain is quite a common problem for a lot of people. However, there are simple home remedies which can alleviate the discomforts associated with simple back pain. They can be done safely and effectively at home. These are the following:
  • Massage therapy - One of the most common remedies for back pain is massage therapy. If you are experiencing pain that is caused by muscle tightening and muscle fatigue then a massage can be very effective. You can simply call a home masseuse or if your partner can give you a massage, then you can ask him/her to do so.
However, if you can't have a massage at home, you can simply get one from a massage parlor. If you suffer from frequent pain and would want to have a massage conveniently at home, any time you want, then you should also consider getting a massage chair. Most massage chairs nowadays are designed to mimic certain massage techniques that are quite effective in dealing with back pains.
  • Regular exercise - Another method of easing back pain is by getting regular exercise. Exercise can help promote blood circulation throughout the body. When your muscles don't get enough nutrients and oxygen, they will become weak and will be susceptible to muscle tension and pain. The back muscles often don't get enough blood flowing to them. Through exercise, you can help improve blood circulation to the back area. This can promote healthy muscles and relieve the pain.

  • Stretching - Tight muscle can be easily torn, causing a lot of pain. Your muscles need to be flexible to allow you to move well and to decrease muscle pains. It is recommended that you stretch your muscles, especially after prolonged assumption of a single posture. This can help keep the flexibility of your muscles and avoid strains which can cause severe discomfort for your back.

  • Having correct posture - The posture you assume each day while going about your daily routine can greatly contribute to the back pain that you are experiencing. If you often assume a position that places great strain on your back, especially in the lower region, you will find yourself having pains. This is especially true for people who often slouch. By keeping your back straight while sitting down and by avoiding slouching, then you can minimize the pressure on your lower back, thus decreasing the chances of back pain from occurring.

  • Take a break - If you often find yourself sitting down on a chair for long hours at work or at home, then you should also give your body a break. The entire weight of your upper body is placed on your lower back when you are sitting down. This can be quite strenuous, especially if you go on sitting for long hours. You should give your back some time to relax by standing up every now and then and stretch your muscles.
These are remedies for simple back pain which are caused by muscle tears, fatigue or improper posture. However, if you notice that the pain is quite intense and has been going for a long time, you should get yourself checked by a doctor. Chronic pain often signals a more serious condition.
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  1. I agree with you. exercise, proper posture, stretching and please don't forgot yoga as the best solution to avoid back pain. you don't have to take any medicine for this. all you need to do is know the right back pain exercises.