Monday, June 3, 2013

Top Exercise to Lose a Double Chin - Get Rid of Double Chin Fast! NATURALLY PLEASE!

If you are reading this, it's because you want to get rid of double chin. I hope you are not too disgusted with yourself. Even though it could be hurtful to know that other people will judge you as a lazy and unhealthy person just by looking at you, screw them! What is important is that you feel good with yourself, and that is exactly why you should know that there are simple exercise to lose a double chin that you can do.
Plastic surgery is obviously not necessary...neither are all the gizmos and gadgets floating around on the market place (i agree that they are a waste of your precious money, and creates useless clutter in your home). Nothing beats natural ways when it comes to health, fitness and well being.
Besides the fact that you will get rid of a double chin, which is freaking awesome enough, you will be toning the 50+ muscles in your face. This will:
-start to get rid of double chin
-make you look younger and stronger
-make you look like a happy healthy person
-ultimately make you feel happier because you are healthier!
-Live Longer!
Get started on these exercises right now, today! They are so easy, do them as you read this, get started my friend!!
These are the exercises:
1. OPEN Your Mouth As WIIIDE as you can...feel the stretch! close it and press your lips together. Do this 15 times.
Tip: You should feel the stretch in your cheek and jaw muscles and in your neck
2. Press Your Lips together and move your mouth from right...fell the stretch....for a count of 30 times (15 times on each side).
3. Now tilt your head back as if trying to look behind you, with your mouth closes and jaw clenched. When you feel the pull on your neck, this is the position you must now hold. Open your mouth, and bite (close). Wow what a stretch! Do this 30 times.
4. Okay now..BIG SMILE! your mouth...and fold your upper lip over your front teeth. Smile even harder so that you feel your upper cheek rising and stretching! relax the upper cheek (still big smile with mouth open)...and push it up again by smiling this ten times!
Tip: This strengthens all the cheek muscles and the upper lip to keep your skin nice and tight, so it doesn't droop down your face and hang as a second chin...
5. Smile wide, open your mouth...and curl your upper lip over your front teeth. Now put each index finger at the outer corner of each eye. Gently but firmly tug your skin out towards your ears as you open your eyes wide, and push back in as you close your eyes tightly.
Tip: This will tone all the muscles around your eyes so all your skin is tight. It will also get rid of bags under the eyes
Keep all your face and neck muscles toned and strong by doing these exercises everyday, or as much as you can! Remember, muscle burns fat!
You also might need to lose body fat...not necessarily weight, but body fat!!!
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