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13 Ways to Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure and Relieve Hypertension

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a part of life for millions of Americans. High blood pressure medications are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs. But did you know that you can effectively lower your blood pressure without the use of drugs or medications?
According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (as of 2004), blood pressure can be broken down into 4 segments.
Normal: Lower than 120 (systolic) over lower than 80 (diastolic) - lower than 120/80
Prehypertension: 120-139 (systolic) over 80-89 (diastolic) - 120-139/80-89
Stage 1 Hypertension: 140-159 (systolic) over 90-99 (diastolic) - 140-159/90-99
Stage 2 Hypertension: 160 or higher (systolic) over 100 or higher - higher than 160/100
Natural treatment aims to lower blood pressure to at least 140 over 90 for most individuals. However with prolonged natural treatment you may even be able to get your blood pressure back in the normal range.
The first step in lowering your blood pressure is to make sure your getting all the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals required for a healthy cardiovascular system. The list below is a good starting point. I've only included the most important vitamins and nutrients, but these alone will help a great deal in lowering your blood pressure. Especially if you are deficcient in one or more of them (which if you have high blood pressure you probably are).
-Calcium - 1,500 - 3000 mg daily.
-Magnesium - 750 - 1000 mg daily.
-Potassium - As directed on label
(increase dosage of Potassium if taking cortisone or other high blood pressure meds)
-Coenzyme Q10 and Coenzyme A - As directed on label
-Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) (flax seed oil, or black currant seed oil are good sources)
-Garlic (2 capsules 3 times daily)
-L-Arginine - As directed on label
-Vitamin E - 100 IU daily for first month, then increase to 200 IU daily
(DO NOT take Vitamin E if taking blood thinners)
-Vitamin C with Bioflavinoids - 3000 - 6000 mg daily in divided doses.
-Lecithin granules or capsules - 1 tbs 3 times daily before meals or 1,200mg three times daily
-Vitamin B Complex - 100mg of each B vitamin twice daily with meals.
-Vitamin B6 - 50mg 3 times daily
Along with getting the correct vitamins and supplements, their are a variety of herbal and natural remedies that have for a long time shown to be effective in treating hypertension.
I highly recommend Hawthorn Berry Heart Syrup, as it has had some amazing results for a lot of people with high blood pressure/heart problems. You can order the syrup online. If you can't find it, you can just get Hawthorn berry tea or powder, which is also effective in lowering blood pressure.
One of the cheapest and most effective high blood pressure therapies is cayenne. Start out taking 1 teaspoon a day, and work your way up to 3 teaspoons (or more) each and every day. You can also take wheat germ oil when you take your cayenne in the morning. The two in combination often provide great results.
If you have symptoms of high blood pressure such as headaches and dizziness, you can take mistletoe, which has proven effective for the relief of both headaches and dizziness associated with high blood pressure.
Your should also try to completely eliminate salt from your diet. That means avoid anything with sodium , salt, soda or the Na symbol on the label. Also avoid baking soda, MSG, Aspartame and foods high in preservatives (foods with long shelf life generally). You should also avoid animal fats, aged cheese, caffiene, alcohol and tobacco (and other drugs). Avoid licorice as well, which can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure.
If you are taking an MAO inhibitor (a class of high blood pressure medication), avoid anything that contains the chemical tyramine or tyrosine. MAO inhibitors in combination with either of these chemicals can lead to a stroke.
I also recommend that you drink only steam distilled water (1 oz. for each lb of body weight each day).
Reducing stress will also have an immediate impact on blood pressure. You can try meditation or breathing exercises, or simple audio cd's that are designed to lower stress. There are many different stress reducing techniques, some more in depth than others. Getting sufficient amounts of sleep each night, in tune with the rise and setting of the sun, is also beneficial.
If you aren't already, you should strive for at least 30 mins of light cardio activity (such as walking) each day.
A colon cleanse or fast can also be beneficial for people with high blood pressure, and I recommend doing one anyways for the overall health benefits.
In summary, here are the most important things you (or anyone else) should do to lower blood pressure.
1. Reduce stress
2. Get sufficient amounts of sleep
3. Supplement with the above mentioned nutrients and vitamins
4. Take cayenne/wheat germ oil each and every day
5. Take Hawthorn berry syrup, tea or powder
6. Get plenty of light exercise
7. Drink plenty of steam distilled water
8. Reduce, or even better, completely eliminate salt/sodium from your diet.
9. Avoid chemicals/preservatives/artificial sweeteners/stimulants
10. Perform a colon cleanse or fast 2-3 times a year
11. Avoid muccous forming foods (animal fats, cheese, dairy etc.)
12. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
13. Get plenty of good fiber (supplement if necessary).
Out of the above mentioned remedies/techniques the 3 with the most immediate and most beneficial results will be the daily cayenne, wheat germ and hawthorn berry as well as reducing stress. Those 4 in combination are often enough to lower a person's blood pressure within acceptable limits.
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