Thursday, May 9, 2013

Treat Abrasions With Natural Remedies

An inevitable part of childhood and occasionally to adults in the kitchen and garden, minor cuts and grazes can almost always be effectively treated at home with traditional remedies first aid. The goal of treatment is to stop any bleeding, protect damaged skin against infection and to speed healing.
Skin and underlying tissue cuts caused by sharp objects such as a knife or a shard of glass can sometimes bleed profusely if there are any severed blood vessels. Grazes or abrasions are superficial wounds produced by skin grazing. Dirt and sand particles can get inside of the wounds.
How to treat cuts and grazes
Immediate action
  • The first step is to remove dirt, stop bleeding and protect against infection:
  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water before touching the wound;
  • Carefully wash the wound under running warm water to remove dirt;
  • Dry the wound with a sterile gauze pad or clean cloth and press it gently a few minutes;
  • Unite the wound's edges with thin strips of surgical tape;
  • Cover a small cut or graze with an adhesive bandage, and a larger one with a dressing of sterile gauze, secured with bandages.
Infection prevention
The following natural remedies reduce the risk of infection:
  • Clean the cut or graze with sodium bicarbonate solution or a cold infusion of cinnamon, sage or parsley leaves, which are antiseptic. Ordinary black tea, onion or garlic juice are also antiseptic and will help to stop the bleeding. Honey applied on the cut will prevent infection and speed the healing process;
  • Thoroughly soak a gauze into distilled witch hazel solution and apply it on the wound. This rapidly stops the bleeding, eases the pain, reduces swelling and speeds the healing process;
  • Clean the wound with a solution of 10 drops of the Hypercal homeopathic remedy to half a cup of water. If the wound is very painful, apply a temporary bandage soaked in this freshly prepared solution;
  • Make a mixture of 2 drops of geranium essential oil, 2 of lavender oil and 1 of mint oil and drizzle it on a clean dressing, which the wound will be covered in;
  • Apply calendula ointment on the graze or abrasion, before putting the dressing.
Severe bleeding
If a wound is bleeding profusely, but no foreign body is embedded in it, lift the affected part, apply a clean dressing and press it by hand to control the bleeding. Tightly wrap a bandage over the dressing.
Cleaning the wound
Remove dirt from the wound and its surroundings with cotton swabs soaked in antiseptic solution
Visit the doctor when
  • The cut doesn't form a crust within a week;
  • The cut shows signs of infection (swelling, redness, pus).
  • Seek urgent help when
  • The bleeding is severe or doesn't stop in a few minutes;
  • A foreign body is embedded in the wound;
  • The cut was caused by a dirty object and the person has not been vaccinated against tetanus in the last 10 years.
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