Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Home Remedy For Cold Sores That Works Fast

Looking for a good home remedy for cold sores? While you will hear about all types and kinds of a home remedy for cold sores, there are a few that have been shown to work. For anyone who has suffered with a cold sore you know how painful it can be. And since they will typically last from 10-14 days, finding relief becomes a priority. Give one of these tips a try the next time you, or someone you know, develops a cold sore.
Ice - When you start to feel a cold sore coming on, take an ice cube and wrap it in a thin cloth. Apply it on the spot where your sore is starting to hurt and keep it there for as long as possible. Continue to do this 3-4 times a day. What the ice will do is deaden the blister that is trying to appear. This method will work if you begin doing the moment you start feeling a cold sore is coming on. If you wait until it already has appeared, it's too late.
Aloe Vera - This home remedy for cold sores will work if you your cold sore does blister on you. Take a leaf from an aloe vera plant and rub the liquid from it onto your cold sore blister. It may sound strange, but it gives results. Do this a few times a day and at night. Within a day or two your cold sore will be gone. I know people who will grow aloe plants in their home just for this very reason.
Vitamin B - Taking vitamin B supplements has been shown to help get rid of a cold sore. Vitamin B-12 works especially well.
Tea Tree Oil - Many people say this is the best home remedy for cold sores. This is a drink that contains tea tree oil, herbal sage, and violet. These ingredients are mixed together with a couple sage leaves and ginger powder, and put in with a cup of boiling water. Drink this 2-3 times a day and within a couple of days your cold sore will be gone.
Coconut Oil - Take 100ml of coconut oil, 2ml of dettol, and 3ml or carbolic acid and mix them together. Apply twice daily directly on your cold sore. Some people say this formula also works on boils and mosquito bites.
Other Home Remedy For Cold Sores - Witch hazel, spirit of camphor and lemon balm extract are said to work.
There are also some foods that you do not want to eat when experiencing a cold sore. These foods will only make the problem worse. Avoid eating chocolate, oatmeal, seeds, peas, nuts, and any wheat products. Why? Because arginine is in these foods and they are a cold sores friend. Other salty foods, and even coffee can cause a cold sore to linger.
The next time you feel a cold sore coming on, give one of these tips a try and see if it doesn't give you the relief you're looking for. Finally, a good home remedy for cold sores.
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  1. three days after eating nuts I get cold sores unless I take lysine (after eating nuts), 1000 mg. sometimes I get them from sun exposure but since I have cut out nuts I only get them occasionally. it took me forty years to see the connection because of the three day thing.

  2. Is this really true, that arginine such as these is a cold sores friend? I think there is a misconception with this one since l-arginine supplement benefits our body and could be a possible help solve heart attack problems and stroke in the near future. recent studies also been done by the Nobble-prize winners Dr. Ignarro and Dr. Murad regarding orginine and nitric oxide benefits.