Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Angular Cheilitis Treatment - How to Find Effective Treatment For Angular Chelitis

You may have a condition that is known as angular chelitis if you are suffering from cracks in the corner of your mouth which continue to split and can be quite painful.
This is a common condition that many suffer from and occurs at a higher rate during cold weather and the winter months and can also occur with over exposure to the sun.
Dry, cracked and painful lips may also accompany the noticeable splits and cracks in the corner of the mouth, in general.
The condition in itself is not a serious one but it can cause discomfort, pain and embarrassment due to the facial location. Many sufferers find it difficult to eat, laugh or even speak and therefore it is important to locate an effective angular chelitis treatment as soon as possible.
The angular chelitis treatment you choose will work more efficiently when the underlying cause is identified and also treated. The benefit of being able to identify the cause means you may be able to prevent this skin condition from occurring again.
It has been discovered that the main cause of infection relates to Candida, another cause is bacteria growth or Staph. The development of Candida and Staph can occur for a number of reasons as well.
Elderly people who need to rely on dentures often suffer from angular chelitis because the dentures are not fitted properly in the first place and they lack the daily sterilization needed to keep the mouth area free from bacteria and fungi. Wearing dentures and not being able to close the mouth properly leads to increasing saliva deposits in the very corners of the lips and mouth. This provides the most ideal environment for fungi and bacteria to grow and prosper and the infection will develop from this point.
Licking of the lips is another bad habit that can cause excess saliva in the area and increases the chance of infection. It is hard not to lick your lips when they are dry and cracked, however in terms of finding an angular chelitis treatment, it is important to break this habit and any others that involve biting nails or sticking objects in the mouth. All of these habits will encourage bacteria to spread and develop into infection.
Some women may develop allergic reactions to skin care products or lipsticks, others may be deficient in ranges of vitamins such as B12 and iron. These reactions and deficiencies are also related to the development of angular chelitis.
What options are available for angular chelitis treatment?
Chapped lips - a suitable lip balm may be able to moisturize the area without the need for licking, which will only make the condition worse. Limit sun exposure and hydrate the entire body with an increase in fluids.
Dentures - take a visit to the dentist and adjust the dentures to fit properly and make sure they are sterilized on a daily basis. One recommended angular chelitis treatment involves soaking the dentures in an antiseptic solution whilst you are sleeping. Try to keep the mouth area as dry as possible to avoid the infection spreading and to begin the healing process.
Vitamins - this may be an effective angular chelitis treatment if you feel you are experiencing deficiencies and it is always a good idea to increase vitamin intake even if you don't suffer from angular chelitis. You may also look at you daily diet to see if any improvements can be made in this area as well. Good food choices may include diary products and green vegetables.
Creams - there are anti fungal and bacterial creams available however choosing an angular chelitis treatment such as this, could be harmful due to the close proximity to the mouth and the high possibility of ingestion.
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  1. I have found that a good tea tree oil ointment works wonderfully to treat this. Heals and soothes it.