Sunday, May 12, 2013

7 Essential Aromatherapy Oils For Anxiety Relief

Aromatherapy can be a way of using natural scents to boost our mood and relieve our body and thoughts from stress or anxiety. It has energizing and calming effects and can easily be combined with other natural anxiety relief techniques such as massage, meditation and yoga.
1. Bergamot
Helps to calm and unwind the senses also aiding with emotional imbalances which are likely to be activated in the course of change. Its scent is refreshing and uplifting, however relaxing. Bergamot has a stunning fresh, fruity-floral aroma. This vital oil comes from the rind of citrus fruit which can still be unripe and green from the bitter orange tree.
2. Lavender
Lavender is generally known as the Swiss army knife of essential oils because it is valuable for a great number of ailments. It helps with just about any imbalance and is usually a great addition to your first aid kit. I always carry a small vial of it on my person just in case I get any minor cuts, burns or even to inhale it when I'm feeling anxious. It has a rich, sweet, herbaceous, floral scent. Lavender is often an extremely fragrant shrub and it's essential oil is obtained from the flowers.
3. Geranium Rose
Relaxes the nerves and calms anxiety. It can aid with keeping you centered and at ease which is pretty welcoming to many during periods of change. It features a sweet, floral, rose-like scent. Note... it can also be exceptional for balancing the hormones.
4. Mandarin
Includes a calming effect around the central nervous system. You can also substitute sweet orange oil which is usually far easier to find because it is much more well-known. Sweet orange is uplifting and helpful for sadness, stress and anxiety.
5. Ylang-Ylang
Sweet, exotic, floral as well with a hint of spice, It's known to be an aphrodisiac. It is calming for the nervous system and brings harmony for the thoughts and relieves restlessness and agitation. Ylang-Ylang is often a tropical evergreen tree & the vital oil comes from the flowers.
6. Roman Chamomile
Features an extremely distinct scent, It is actually sweet and slightly fruity. When using this vital oil it is best to add one drop at a time mainly because of its stronger scent which can overtake a blend. Roman chamomile is known to aid with relieving stress of any kind, including anxiety, which makes it one of your greatest allies in Aromatherapy. It also is identified to assist with chronic tension and insomnia. Roman chamomile is one of various species of herbs, with daisy-like flowers, which can be where the essential oil is obtained.
7. Sandalwood
The main attribute is the earth quality so it's very grounding, being rooted in stillness and prayer. It features a sweet, woody, musk-like scent and has a calming effect on the nervous system making it another wonderful recommended oil for anxiety relief. Sandalwood is an evergreen tree and the beneficial oil is extracted from the tree's heartwood.
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