Friday, April 12, 2013

The Unhealthy Truth About Obesity

Health and fitness... It seems that this is something that so many people are struggling with in the world today - along with financial stress.
  • The question is how can we take control of it?
  • How can we reach the fitness level that we want?
  • How can we become healthy and happy?
Now it's an interesting thing - a lot of people know the right and wrong foods to eat, they know that they need to do some sort of exercise every day to stay healthy and happy; they know that over consumption of anything is harmful to their health... So why do they still do it?
In March 2011, around 50,000 people were weighed, measured, interviewed and had bio-medical samples taken by the Australian Health Survey.
The results of the study have shown that obesity rates in adults are continuing to grow and grow and grow and that 63% of Australians are now in the class of overweight or obese.
It has also shown that 67% of Australians to little to no exercise.
Obesity in Australia has doubled in the last 20 years, which has left Australia ranked as one of the fattiest nations in the world.
In America, over $147 billion is spent, per year, on obesity related medical costs. It was stated in a report that by 2030, that will rise to $210 billion per year with new cases of type 2 diabetes and other obesity related diseases rising from the 1.5 million per year mark, all the way up to the 8 million mark.
There has been a massive uprise of childhood diabetes and it's thought that parents will begin to out-live their children.
Now my little sister has recently turned 13, and for her birthday she had all of her friends stay over. I went over to say happy birthday and I was shocked when I saw that most of her friends were well overweight and one friend in particular was wider then she was tall - I don't know about you, but to me, that's totally unacceptable.
As I stayed there for a few hours I watched how these young girls were eating - nothing but candy, cookies, ice cream, doughnuts, and just unhealthy foods.
The one really obese girl was eating almost the entire time I was there...
  • It made me wonder what's happening in her home life?
  • It made me wonder what her parents health is like?
  • It made me wonder how on earth they can let that happen to their daughter?
  • Did they not notice their daughters width steadily grow?
  • Did they not care?
  • Were they just unaware, un-educated in these matters?
As children we just do as we see and if you are overweight and don't really care, then consider the effect it will have on your children.
Do you want them to grow up to live happy, healthy and successful lives?
Because the only way that we can start to combat this epidemic is through making the decision to live healthy and sticking to it. If we start now and keep at it, then the effect will carry through the generations, like knocking over domino's.
See living a healthy lifestyle is an easy thing to do, and the catch is that it is also easy not to do. Most people think that it will be hard so they don't even begin - those that do begin, they don't stick at it, they didn't notice instant results and give up and go back to the "comfortable" lifestyle they are used to.
You didn't become obese overnight, it was the accumulation of years and years of mistreating your body and not choosing the better options that are always available.
The thing is this; if you are overweight and sick and tired of having no energy, and not liking the way you look, then just start doing something, start small, it only takes a small shift that is done consistently to move you from where you are, and to put you on a new path.
You just need to build that momentum - once you've done that you may even notice that weight-loss and a healthy lifestyle is really enjoyable.
Why do you think that there are people who just love staying fit?
It's because they don't think about it as a chore, they actually enjoy the thought of exercise and being healthy.
First change the way you think about a healthy lifestyle, then decide on some little action steps you can take and stick to, then allow the momentum to build and build and build, and as it builds, start to add more and more little steps and stick to them, before long you will be exactly how you want to be and you will look back and think "How did I actually let myself live like that?"
Secondly, have a preparation phase - the time where you are mentally building yourself up for your amazing weight-loss adventure, where you are making all the little decisions that count.
Thirdly, remove all potential hazards from your environment during the active phase - i.e. unhealthy foods, the people that want you to go out indulging in unhealthy habits etc. Clean the fridge out, get rid of all unhealthy food, no excuses like "The cookies and cake are for the kids lunch", if you are going to get healthy, then the entire household will! This isn't forever, just until you're happy with yourself.
Fourthly, the very important key to long term healthyness is this: Start eating more then you normally do. This will increase your metabolism, all you need to do is that your food intake is of the right stuff! The clean stuff!
Now what will happen is this; you will lose lots of weight and then it will just stop. Expect this, this is your plateau, just have a days rest where you indulge just a little (Many people find they don't enjoy it), that will trick your body back into fat loss mode.
(as a note: Get friends to join you, make it fun! It will be much easier)
So the question is this:
When would now be the best time to get started on transforming your life?
Living a healthy lifestyle is easy to do, and it's easy not to do - you just need to decide on what your end destination is.
Because if what you're doing now isn't taking you there, then you have to change things or you will never make it.
There is no time like now to take control of your life, I discovered when I was a fitness instructor that I wasn't getting 100% results, in the gym people would being going great, but when they left - well thats when they let themselves down.
I wasn't able to create the right emotional and psychological shifts in my clients back then that would help them create a self perpetuating weight-loss and fitness change.
As a rapid results coach and now working with the mind to produce those results, I've found that I can help people make those shifts and because of that - get some amazing results that last.
Do it for yourself, do it for your family and be happy.
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