Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lower Your Blood Pressure in a Natural Manner

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the leading causes of strokes and heart attacks around the world. Some of the reasons behind it are poor diet, exercise and drinking to name a few. Leading a healthy life can put your life back on track.
There are several ways in which you can reduce levels naturally. The first and foremost is making radical changes to lifestyle. Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, go for long walks, limit intake of junk food, tobacco and alcohol. Stress is another major reason behind high blood pressure as the body releases certain chemicals which increases heart rate of an individual and places pressure on the cardiovascular system of an individual. You must incorporate jogging, long walks, yoga and meditation to calm you. Take short breaks from your work and city life to relax your mind and keep your blood pressure under control.
Minimize intake of salt and sodium and avoid canned foods. Include home cooked food in your daily routine and avoid eating outside. Cut back on the consumption of items such as alcohol, cigarettes, wine, caffeine, tobacco and carbonated beverages as these items are one of the major causes of elevated blood pressure levels.
Eat three to four cloves and fresh garlic as it contains ACE inhibitor which dilates arteries and prevents their clogging.
Stay away from artificial food items and preservatives such as cheese, butter, canned fruits and vegetables. If appropriate action is not taken on time, it can lead to various problems such as headaches, impotence, weakness, liver damage, heart problems etc therefore one must take early steps to prevent hypertension from creating major health problems. In case you are obese, try and lose weight as obesity is one of the major reasons behind hypertension. If possible adopt the principles mentioned in the Dietary Advice to Stop Hypertension and if followed strictly it can lower your blood pressure readings within normal levels.
Drink plenty of water every day and if possible, have water on empty stomach every morning as it has been found to be beneficial in controlling blood pressure.
In spite of lifestyle changes, if you are still not able to lose weight, you must consult a doctor who will prescribe medications which will be able to bring your blood pressure under control.
Follow these advices and you will be able to keep it under control and lead a healthy lifestyle.
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