Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Prevent and Cure an Earache With Natural Remedies

Most of us remember having an earache in childhood, but the symptoms appear on adults as well, often being related with a viral infection of the nose or throat. Not only that natural remedies can ease the pain and favor the healing, but they can also prevent an earache from happening.
An earache often appears as a result of some external and middle ear affections. In the first case, the pain can be caused by an infection or inflammation, appearing as a boil, or as a red or tumefied zone. The last version may be the effect of an allergic reaction or frequent water immersions (affection known as the "swimmer's ear"). The pain may also be caused by an embedded foreign body in the external ear canal. This thing happens especially to children, which often stick small objects in their ear. The object that's stuck may cause pain and inflammation. If an infection appears afterwards, caused by bacteria or fungus, it may produce a secretion. A wax plug may be painful if it puts pressure on the eardrum.
The most painful affection of the middle ear is the infection (Otitis Media), a possible cold complication or other infections of the nose or throat, especially on children. It appears when the inflammation of the nasal passages are blocking the Eustachian tube, allowing the liquid to accumulate. Viruses and bacteria are multiplying in the liquid, causing pressure on the eardrum. A discomforting sensation, along with the loss of hearing, may appear as an effect of Allergic rhinitis (like Hay Fever). Other possible causes for an earache is radiating pain (referred pain), coming from a dental problem, and the changes of air pressure while diving or flying.
How to prevent an earache
Breast feeding your child for a year will protect him against earaches, due to the antibodies and other immunization and anti-infectious substances found in the maternal milk. Both children and adults should avoid rooms that contain cigarette smoke, which favors the mucus congestion of the Eustachian Tube and middle ear.
If you have a predisposition towards the "swimmer's ear" affection, soak lamb wool in vaseline and put it in your ear, before swimming. Avoid public pools, lakes and polluted rivers.
Boosting immunity with the help of a healthy diet prevents the earache caused by infections or allergies. Consume raw garlic on a daily basis, and eventually take a supplement of beta-carotene, vitamins C, E and flavonoids. If the earache is caused by an alimentary allergen, identify the product that is causing the problem.
When flying by plane
Against earaches triggered by the changes of pressure in the plane, use the following measures when the plane lifts off and lands:
  • Yawn frequently;
  • Swallow repeatedly, chew gum or sip water;
  • If you don't have an infection, pinch your nose with your fingers, close your mouth and try to blow air out through your nose.
How to treat an earache
An embedded foreign body in the external ear should be extracted only by a doctor. The earache triggered by an inflammation or infection can be ameliorated with simple remedies:
  • Sleep with an extra pillow for a better draining of the Eustachian Tube;
  • Apply something warm: either a covered bottle that contains warm water, or put 3-4 spoons of coarse salt in a little canvas sack or sock, then heat it in the oven just until it is supportable for the skin. After that, hold it to your ear and change it when it's becoming cold.
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