Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to Practice Self Care

Self care is one of the most important things available for health and well-being Life gets busy and overwhelming, but it is necessary to make time for self care. Self care consists of focusing on what you need when you need it with the intention of health and well-being.
Self care means resting when it is needed, eating natural whole foods, moving the body, meditation, healthy relationships, fun and elimination of toxic behaviors or poor habits. The list includes anything that is focusing on your wellness.
When the body has been abused enough and self care is not a priority innate wisdom takes over. The body sends messages. Sometimes the messages are ignored or suppressed with prescription medications, over the counter drugs or other toxic vices. It is wise to listen in order to bring the body into a state of balance again.
Symptoms are a body's wise way of saying that yourself needs attention. Healing comes by going deeper and asking the sometimes difficult questions. Why is this symptom happening? What is my body saying? What lifestyle changes need to be made? What emotion is attached to this symptom? There are more questions that need to be asked rather than suppressing an issue further. The issue will come back again and again until healing the root cause. Once the root issue is healed balance will be present.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the body associates particular emotions within certain organs. The liver-gallbladder holds anger, kidneys hold fear, heart is associated with joy, spleen harbours worry and over thinking. The lungs are connected with grief. So the next time a symptom is experienced you may consider a possible emotional connection.
Many women, mothers and care providers often get caught in the trap of over giving and not setting boundaries. The adrenals become fatigued or even worse exhausted and the whole body becomes out of balance. In this case saying no when necessary is self care. Saying no to something or someone else and saying yes to self care as needed is best for everyone involved. Taking the time that you need to rejuvenate, nurture and nourish yourself well in order to be a caregiver adds to the quality of life.
To practice self care it is best to listen to your own body. That can mean facing some unpleasant truths, but ultimately self care practiced correctly leads to health, happiness and well-being. It is not selfish to give yourself care as needed. Without taking time for your well-being and recognizing your worth there is nothing left to share with others.
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