Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Foods to Help In Yeast Infection Treatment

Diet is the main contributor to either poor health or good health. A poor diet leads to poor health which causes low immunity. On the other hand, a proper diet contributes to a strong immune system. The most natural way of curing and preventing yeast infection is through ensuring a proper and healthy diet so as to build your immunity. The Candida bacteria is present in our bodies but it is inactive because it is kept at bay by the healthy bacteria present in the intestine. There are many over the counter drugs to cure yeast infection, however, the most natural and easy way to cure and prevent this infection is by taking foods that boost your immunity and foods that are rich in the healthy bacteria so as to ensure a balance of pH. Yeast thrive well in an acidic environment, thus taking foods that will reduce the acid and maintain a balance will be a great way to cure and prevent yeast infection.
There are other foods that contain antibiotic properties which will help in the treatment of Candida infection. Foods such as garlic contain antibiotic properties that help in curing yeast infection of any nature. Taking garlic daily will help you cure yeast infection. Other foods such as yogurt are rich in the healthy bacteria that ensures a balance of pH in the vagina and keep of the Candida bacteria. Taking yogurt on a daily bases will help keep of the yeast infection within days and get you back to your health free from the irritation caused by yeast infection.
Other foods that you should take are foods that are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to prevent the growth of yeast and kill the Candida bacteria that is responsible for infection by creating an alkaline environment. Yeast thrives best in an acidic environment and thus an alkaline environment will kill the Candida bacteria. A diet that is rich in fiber and proteins is the best diet for anyone suffering from thrush. This is not to mean that you should not take carbohydrates while you are suffering from yeast bacteria, all food groups are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Carbohydrates should be minimized and instead increase the amount of proteins taken in a meal.
Vegetables are rich in fiber and are thus great for someone suffering from Candidiosis. Vegetables such as turnips broccoli, radishes, ginger root, asparagus, onions, garlic, celery, cabbage and kale. For proteins you can take any protein whether animal proteins or plant proteins such as fish, beef, beans, chicken, eggs, mutton, pork, turkey, groundnuts and many others. Your meal should consist of at least 65% of high fiber foods such as vegetables, 20% of high protein food, 10% of carbohydrates and 5% of fresh fruits. With this kind of a meal you will be able to avoid and cure yeast infection of any kind. While choosing fruits avoid fruits with a high percentage of sugars. Water is very important in helping of digestion and it is also great in taking out all toxins present in the body. Frequent intake of water will help in flushing off of the Candida bacteria.
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  1. Well, this kind of diet is certainly good for the body. Whether you are fighting this particular condition or not.

    Good fiber in the diet helps to keep the bowels flowing regularly, instead of moving along at a rate that is similar to rush hour traffic.

  2. Healthy persons tend to put their weight on the knees and ankles which result in wearing off of cartilage. There is a distinct possibility of arthritis or tendonitis.