Sunday, April 14, 2013

2 More Reasons Why Garlic Is Good for You

Garlic has been long recognized as a miracle herb. It has been highly esteemed by many researchers for many years. According to records, this wonder spice has been found effective in helping people cope with various disorders and ailments.
This miracle spice has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-parasitic and antiviral properties that are found effective in alleviating allergies, hay fever, herpes, herpes and even sunburn. Garlic is also a good spice against carcinogens. Thus it is widely used by people suffering from typhoid, sinusitis, laryngitis and pneumonia, influenza and certain respiratory illnesses. There are other difficult ailments that garlic can help alleviate. One of which is in terms of its anti-spasmodic property. With its anti-spasmodic property, garlic has been used in food against blood clot development and spasm issues in the small arteries.
Garlic Increases the HDL Cholesterol Level
What is more remarkable about garlic is how it has been found useful in alleviating blood and cholesterol-related problems including hypertension, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems.
HDL is coined as good cholesterol by medical practitioners. It cruises in the bloodstream and removes the so-called bad cholesterol in the blood. With high HDL or High-Density Lipoprotein level in the body, a person can lessen the risks of heart ailments.
According to a recent study of the Department of Nutritional Science and Food Management (DNSF) in Korea, feeding garlic extract is an effective means to increase the HDL cholesterol in the body. This means that people suffering from cardiovascular diseases can remedy the low HDL levels and alleviate the risks of breakdown or death.
Garlic Regulates the ENaC
The regulation of ENaC or Epithelial Sodium Channel in the body is essential for people suffering from hypertension particularly those with salt-induced cases. Since it is the main channel where the body reabsorbs salt and hyperactivity of this primary channel can lead to hypertension. Nonetheless, it is the primary channel by which the body generally relies on in cases of blood pressure regulation.
With regard to this, many studies have focused on the regulation of ENaC which can lead to the prevention of hypertension and regulation of blood pressure and one of the results pointed on the potentials of garlic as a natural regulator of ENaC. Thus recent studies confirmed that the thiol-reactive compounds found in fresh garlic extractseffectively inhibit the hyperactivity of the ENaC. This means that this herb can truly create miracles in alleviating factors that trigger hypertension and high blood pressure.
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