Tuesday, April 9, 2013

10 Quick Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Forget the agonising stories you hear of how hard it is to lose weight. Make it easier for yourself by following these 10 quick and easy tips to help you lose weight. Implement one tip each day and before you know it you will be at your goal weight. No fuss and no need to turn your whole life upside down either. Don't waste any more time or hard earned cash on pills and expensive treatments, start using these tips today and be lean and happy.
1) Ditch the 3 big meals a day and eat 5-6 small meals about 2-3 hours apart. This will help to keep your metabolism racing, thereby burning more calories efficiently.
2) Plan, Plan, Plan. Plan your meals the day before and have them ready to go so you don't get caught out and are forced to buy a less than healthy alternative from your local take away. Stock up on Tupperware containers, do a big grocery shop at the beginning of the week and prepare all your meals and snacks ahead of time.
3) Increase your protein intake at every meal. Protein helps you feel fuller for longer and assists in producing lean muscle mass. the more lean muscle mass on your body the more calories your body burns everday.
4) If it's white leave it alone. This means rice, bread and pasta. Always go brown. The whiter the food the more it's been processed and the quicker it converts to sugar in your blood stream. Choose brown as it's closer to it's original healthy state and will contain more nutrients and release energy into your blood stream slowly over time.
5) Ditch the soft drink and consume water instead, it will help reduce toxins in your body. Also, most soft drinks contain over a days worth of recommended sugar intake in one can. Nasty.
6) Do some weight training at least twice a week. Ladies it won't make you huge, but you will get leaner and tighter. Remember all the benefits of lean muscle mass we discussed in tip 3? Weight training will help to increase your lean muscle mass
7) Find a workout/weight loss buddy to help keep you motivated. Two are always better than one.
8) Eat off a smaller plate. Studies show the less food you can see in front of you, the less you will eat.
9) Forget "fat free." More often than not it is loaded with sugar to make it taste good. Just enjoy your food the way it was originally intended to be eaten.
10) And finally, be positive in your self talk, you are NOT a fat cow, you are an amazing person, capable of achieving anything, including losing a few kilos.
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